Is a company who is able to continuously meet all the requests of the reference market. A sound financial strategy, together with a strong know-how, enabled the company to far exceed one million Euros of turnover in the second year of business and, therefore, to gain suffered a good market position in the predefined distribution channels


Currently we have more than 600 stores regularly served with the help of capable workers throughout the country. The company plan consider continued focused investments aimed to double in the next three years the served stores and to expand the distribution with franchise stores or directly managed ones.

Our Company is characterized by dynamism and flexibility; central point of the mission is the ability to renew itself according to the market in terms of content, marketing strategies, and in product distribution and creation.


The quality of products with our brands is managed at all stages of production with a continued focus in the evolution of needs.


Our facility includes a graphic design studio inside the company that allows us to keep up to date. Creativity and originality are essential key points for the development of each offer and/or business idea


Our offer includes more than 2000 codes structured on a line  always available and on 3 campaigns launched during the year for detail. The catalog includes the company’s own brands and products with licenses of international appeal